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The AquaLung Argonaut Dive Knife combines simplicity with rugged materials for one of the best and toughest dive knives on the market. A single piece of titanium is forged into a corrosion resitant, lightweight superstrong dive knife.

Full Tang Titanium Blade is made from a single piece of 4mm titanium so there are no joins or weak points to come loose or break. The whole knife is then coated in Electrophoretically Deposited Paint, EDP, for a tough black finish which is then laser etched before the blade is sharpened. The butt of the knife is pointed for use as a glass breaker in an emergency and the handle has skeletoned holes that can be used as hex wrenches.

5mm Paracord Handle wrapped twice for a nice grip that can be used for a whole range of situations in an emergency and is tied off with a 5″ leash. Wrapped a 1/2″ from the hilt to provide a spot for the forefinger and extra grip for the sheath.

2mm Kydex Plastic Sheath is thermoformed around the blade to make a secure sheath for your Argonaut with multiple 3mm attachment points and slots for threading straps before the logo is laser etched onto the exterior.

Spartan and Blunt Tips for your choice of cutting tool; the Spartan Tip with a spear head pointwith one side featuring rounded die cut serrations to prevent snags on rope and the Blunt Tip with a blunted chisel tip for prying and turning screws with a full serrated edge of die cut rounded serration.


Blade and Handle are made of 4mm thick, high rust resistant Titanium.
The handle is double wrapped in 5mm paracord.
The blade comes in 2 styles, Spartan and Blunt.
The blade is 4 7/8″ (12.38cm) long and the handle is 4 7/8″ (12.38cm)
The butt of the handle comes to a point for hammering, braking and crushing.
The sheath is a locking 2mm thick Kydex with 1/8″ grommets. The strap holes are 1″ (2.5cm) long and 1/4″ (.65cm) wide.
Comes with 2 rubber leg straps.

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